19 of the most forgotten little details that will keep you from losing it on your big day!

Sometimes it’s so easy to overlook the little details because there well…. so little! But when they don’t seem so little is when you’re already on edge because it’s your big day, and then one of these details becomes a not so small detail and you feel like the wheels are going to fall off of your day. Not to worry my dear, that is why we created this list for you. So you can be sure to not have a meltdown on your wedding day. Trust me, you, your makeup artist, and photographer will thank us. Without further ado let’s get started.




That’s right. As simple as that. If you have a food and beverage service double check that they will have ice to provide your guests with their drinks. Otherwise that iced tea on a hot day is not gonna be so refreshing!

dress bustle


What would be worse than heading out from the ceremony on your way to get your groove on at your reception…. but then no one can remember how to bustle your dress up!? NOOOOO. This is as simple as while at the dress fitting, your MOH takes a quick video of the seamstress bustling your dress. Then, even if she forgets no biggie! She has the video to reference back to.


We know. You have a lot going on. You have lipstick you don’t want to smudge. You have a dress you want to look your very best in. We totally get it. BUT you know what isn’t so attractive as a bride!? Passing out. That’s what. Girl…eat. 



Sure, we know those crazy beautiful heals looked bomb in your dress fitting. But you wore them for 5 minutes. When you’ve been in them all day, then want to try to dance you are not going to be loving them so much.  So break in those bad boys, and bring a pair of flip flops, or flat, or converse for the reception. No one cares. Everyone else is dancing. You need to be too.

practice high heals


We know you don’t want to have to try to potty all day in all that fluff of your dress. But! You will be so glad you kept up with your water intake. You feel more energized, and you also once again, won’t pass out! Drink water everyday prior to your wedding as well. This helps with your skins appearance!




So as obvious as this may seem, this is often overlooked. We aren’t talking about your out of town guests transportation. We are talking about you. The bride. Sure, your MOH or mom may take you from where you are getting ready to the venue. But then, when you and your now hubs are ready to blow the popsicle stand and go to your honeymoon suite……..What now!? You’re going to be bumming a ride from a groomsmen or some other guest. Which may not be a big deal. But it’s best to have that lined out already.  


To almost every human on the planet who have ever been to a wedding or important event for that matter knows that the front two rows are for the family. However, there are those few who are shocked to find that the first two rows are empty and plop themselves there. Now when Grammy June is escorted in and goes to her seat, she finds she no longer has one.  

reserved seating


In order to keep your wedding running as smooth and on time as possible, it is important that the photo session does not take half the evening. One way to avoid this is to appoint a family member who knows everyone you are wanting in the photos. That way when Uncle Bob is up, your wrangler can go grab him from the bar to be sure he’s in a couple shots. Otherwise your photographer who has no idea who anyone on your list of family to be included in photos is, and poor thing is just shouting names all night and no one is listening. 

photo wrangler
vendor clock


If your mom is having the time of her life, and tells the DJ to stay an extra two hours be sure your’re okay with the additional bill for the two hours of extended time.

marriage license


Be sure to give someone who is responsible and you trust with the legal paperwork that seals the deal for your marriage. Trust us. After the ceremony there is no buzz kill worse than the photographer being ready to capture the signing of your license only to find everyone panicking because you left it at home.


Appoint someone to load your cards and gifts into either of your parents or besties car. Not the car you’re leaving in. Leaving a trunk full of gifts at the airport while you head our for vaca is a bummer, and they could be stolen. Let your family and friends take them to your house for you so you and hubs can walk into your house with your gifts waiting. 



The reception tear down will be crazy. Vendors will be packing their things. Most brides bring something of their own that they want back. Sometimes this is DIY decor, the knife you cut your cake with, or photos at the sign in table. Be sure to make a list, and give it to someone who is close to you and helping with tear down. Have them put these items in the same car as you gifts and cards.

diy 2


If you are adding an heirloom in your bouquet don’t forget to either have it with you, or take it in early to your florist to be sure it’s snug. 

heirloom bouquet


Be sure to create a cute and catchy hashtag for your wedding. Have a sign made that asks guest to tag to your # with all their photos taken throughout your ceremony and reception. You will get to have some variety of photos of your big day!

tear down crew


SO often couples will say, “oh I know my friends will help clean up and tear down, I’m not worried about it”. Well, you should be. Everyone gets tired and assumes you have people for that. Then when morning comes and you still have things at the venue, and its not put back in its clean and orderly fashion, WHAM! You are hit with a large cleaning bill from the venue. Not a good email to receive on your honeymoon. 



Your falsies look fabulous, until one pops off and now you’re looking a little wonky. Be sure that one of your bridesmaids brings glue, or if you have an emergency kit pack it in there!


We definitely recommend an actual day of coordinator, but if that is not in your budget and your Aunt Susie is a total boss and knows how to run a tight ship than by all means. BUT for the love of peace pllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaase appoint someone as the go to person when something doesn’t go as planned. Because if you don’t they will come to you, and that is the last thing you wanna deal with. 

point person


Imagine yourself being carried inside your hotel to check into your honeymoon suite to only find hubs and you forgot your ID’s, and Credit cards, and no cash to help…so the hotel is not allowed to check you into your room… So much for a romantic evening. Especially if your hotel is in another town. 

ID and Cash


Take a breathe. Pause to soak up all the goodness of this day. Before you walk down the isle look at all the important people witnessing one of your biggest days. You have finally made it here. it goes by so quickly. So for a moment just stop, and enjoy!

take it all in